About the Snow Chimps


Scott Chisholm & Andrew Thompson are the founders of Vernon Snow MX and Snow Chimps. Together we plan, ride, film, and edit videos for our enjoyment, and for sharing on YouTube.

We are former snowmobilers who were early adopters of snowbikes – and we’ve never looked back!

Where We Ride

We explore various riding areas around Sicamous, Revelstoke, Enderby, Lumby, and deeper into the Monashee mountains.

What We Ride (And Why)

We tend to prefer 450cc track bikes over enduro bikes. The track bikes may have less torque, but they have the horsepower and high revs.

We have historically ridden Timbersled and Yeti track kits. Now, for the 22/23 season, we have a Timbersled, a MTN TOP and a CMX. What fun!

We will soon be able share our complete builds, modifications, and more through That Moto App, a little thing that we have been working on for a while. 😉

The Snowbike Gathering

We organized a couple of really fun Snowbike gatherings in years past but future events have been put on hold due to the relatively high risk nature of getting so many snow bikers riding in a single area at one time. Check out the website to take a look back at our historic events. Visit website.

Our YouTube Channel

Here are some topics to give you some ideas as to what we cover on our channel.

  • Building a Mountain Savvy Snowbike
  • Snowbiking for Beginners
  • Learning to Carve a Snowbike
  • Towing a Snowbike
  • Navigating Using a GPS
  • Snowbiking Safety
  • Best Snowbikes for Beginners
  • How to Get Unstuck
  • and more!

2022/23 Snowbike Shootout

We’re putting 5 bikes head to head this year. Each snowbike has the same power plant, and the same modifications, just different track kits.

  • Yeti Snow MX 129 FR
  • Yeti Snow MX 129 SS
  • Timbersled ARO 3S 129
  • MTN Top 129
  • CMX 120

Follow us as we learn, experience different conditions, and discover the strengths of each kit.

Interested in our Score Card? Check out the downloads link here, or top right on this page.

The Snowbike Shop

We are the founders of  The Snowbike Shop. We maintain the website and conduct the marketing efforts. We are currently open to exploring new opportunities with this domain.


If Facebook is your thing, you can find us at facebook.com/vernonsnowmx. If you need a quick response from us, best to send us an email. Cool?

Other Stuff

Dirt Chimps

We have a bunch of other stuff that goes on in the dirt. For information visit our sister website DirtChimps.ca.

Pretty Cool Software

We make some pretty cool software, called DATS (Digital Action Tracking System) that is used by organizations of all sizes. It’s not unusual for us to meet a new customer, or an existing customer, by way of our events and YouTube channels. Perhaps check it out. If you are interested in chatting, that’s awesome!

Contact Us

Hey, we would be happy to hear from you!




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